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Safety is always taken lightly in the food industry especially when it comes to deep frying hence, we have created this safe fryer.
Use ESP32 with Tuya IoT platform and MQTT
As we step into 2022, let's take a look back at some awesome projects uploaded to the internet over the last 12 months.
myCobot dancing under the Christmas tree | Merry Christmas Achieve myCobot "drag and teach" through Python
Using the M5STickC-plus as digital dice. With the possibility to read the result remotely. You will always win!
It's time to make parties with friends, but, in our pandemic era, remember to stay with health and safety. Happy XMas 2021
In this guide I will dump the brains from the Clementoni Mio robot and give it M5Stack Core2 Brains.
The ESP32 inside the M5Stack Core module has a built-in Hall effect sensor. But where exactly is this small piece located? Let's measure it.
High quality JukeBox with M5Stack node (WM8978)
This is a Chrismas tree silhouette that I have lit with a M5stack Microcontroller and their HEX shaped neopixel unit.
A fun project requested by my daughter, She wants to take a picture of Santa when he comes to bring presents.
How well, or how differently, do different sensors measure environmental data? A comparison of two units under different conditions.
How much negative pressure does a cooker hood create? An attempt to measure the pressure drop with a simple environmental sensor.
Connect M5Stack devices to Qubitro through UIFlow and work with the no-code platform or QubitroAPI in a few minutes!
Christmas tree on hexagon NeoPixel matrix. With a transparent shell, can be a perfect Christmas ball