Share your work with the M5STACK community.
Hack the ESP32-CAM streaming WebServer to read frames with OpenCV or to connect it to Home Assistant!
How to use set up multi page layouts on an M5Stack Core 2 in UIFlow.
How to control a light using a slide switch on the screen of the Core2 AWS
Emo Plant is a Smart Companion Interactive Electronic Plant designed for live-alone youths-by students from Hebei University of Technology
A project by a team of students from the Hebei University of Technology
Let's build a Smart Study Desk with a team of students from Hebei University of Technology!
How to create a 4 digit digital clock using the M5Stack Digital-Clock Unit.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wifi connection status monitor using the atom matrix esp32.
Get a deeper understanding of robot vision and human-robot interaction with myCobot AI Kit
An Arduino based small project, in which 12C IR non contact sensor and 4 digit display is interfaced together to make a minimal temp. meter.
A small RYBG_211_LITE BLE module comes with integrated antenna which provides a great range of 200meters. Now it is time for offline message
Continuing the exploration of the ATECC608b security chip used in M5Stack Core2 AWS and ID Unit
IN this guide I will show you how to access the ATECC608b encryption chip in M5Stacks ID unit and Core2 AWS.
In this project, we have designed a touch sensor that powers LED when the test point terminals are touched with a finger.
In this tutorial we are going to make a Simple LED Scanner using Atom Matrix ESP32.
Controlling the ACSSR unit from M5Stack using the I2C mode and Direct mode.