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Projects about esp32 kits, esp32 camera, sensors and more.
Following the previous article, let’s further explore the integration project between LIMO Pro and myCobot.
How to Program and control the M5Piano using M5Stacks UIFlow IDE
Making vending machines more energy efficient and sustainable.
A smart plant monitor that allows you to view the data of different fruits and vegetables in urban farming.
(Very) Simple Circuit that can be modified to allow specific or any card to gain access to shops, while tracking entry counts.
Our project seeks to address this challenge by developing a comprehensive system that monitors the vital parameters of plants.
No need to worry about your plants anymore
Singapore is a small nation, as a result sourcing food locally is a challenge, in turn we have a sustainable technology to solve this issue.
An auto irrigation for crops with environment monitoring and a pest control system
Imagine a world where the health and productivity of your urban farm are constantly monitored and optimized in real-time.
Monitor stock levels efficiently allocate workers, monitor temperature of the stocks and prevent theft
How might we design an integrated IoT system to improve healthcare in remote hospices?
M5Stack Project School
Problems in a storage room 1. Security 2. Climate Control 3. Energy Efficiency